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I APPOLOGIZE FOR THE HUGE PICTURES.... i have no clue how to edit them

Here are some of the pictures of my visual problems with the car currently as it sits. other then the front bumper really everything is minor/not noticeable when standing further then 3 feet away.

This Is the passenger arm rest that needs to be replaced.

The rims i got from the junk yard, you can see the one if almost flawless and the other three are like the second picture

The whole front bumper has this nasty snowflake sized chips all over it ( no where else on the car though)

My window tint is scratched like this on both Driver and passenger side, Any ideas what causes this???

and last but not least the little strip of rust on the bottom of the passenger door I was talking about before.

Thats all the visual work the car needs to be back to perfect!
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