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Whiteline Bushings for BMW.

A while back an Australian company called Whiteline came out with a full line of bushings for BMW's. Some of you may have heard of them, they are really well known and reputable in the Subaru community for making really great high quality street/track stuff. I used a few of their parts on my 01 Impreza and was very happy with them.

I can’t seem to find any reviews or experiences on them in the BMW community though. I was wondering if anyone here had used them, or knows of someone who can give me some feedback. These things dont always translate from one manufactuer to another.

Whiteline BMW Bushings

I know many people in the Bimmer community seem to avoid poly bushings like the plague, and I have also seen how noisy they can be when not lubricated, among some of the other issues. But Whiteline uses their own compound which seems to perform more like a rubber bushing, and it’s sleeved like a rubber bushing as well.

I need some new FCAB's, so I was debating on trying them out. Opinions?

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