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Originally Posted by mtlbloodshot View Post
Once its on the road, take a drive to Montreal

Originally Posted by karmatose View Post
I love interesting car history stories like this. My current daily driver belonged to a former mayor of the city of Woodstock. He bought it new and optioned it exactly how he wanted it. Thought that was kinda neat.
Anyway, hope you can get rolling sooner than 10 days! I'm hoping to drive mine for the first time tomorrow.
That's super cool dude! I drove it over to Midas today to get the exhaust patched up. $500!? Whatever it's pretty quiet at idle now, but it does get loud. And the intake noise is NUTS.

Originally Posted by everlast View Post
I think I know this car then.. It was going to be possibly used for the Grass roots racing series I think.
I think it was just posted for sale on their forums. Could be though! This was a couple years ago prolly.
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just letting this furom [*forum] know
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