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Just a quick update, more of a interested history update. (if anyone cares about stories like this)

I had to track down the previous owner to sign the bill of sale. Since I bought it from European Auto Care, they had never transfered it into their names.

When I found the owner out in Kanata, he gave me a neat history of the car.

Apparently it was originally owned by a couple who wintered in Florida and got it there. Eventually they imported it into Canada, roughly 10 years ago. From there it found its way into the hands of a wholesaler who had got it in a trade.

BMW Canada wanted a particular 1970s car (2002 or something) and so traded a pile of cars (including my 325e) for it.

It was then sold to the PO by that wholesaler, and he DD'ed it for a while. It started having starting issues so he stored it for a while, tried to sell it to BMWCCO and then eventually just stored it.

He then sold it to European Auto Care since they wanted its tranny. I got it from them, relatively untouched.

M50 swap wham blam and here we are.

T-10 days til the car is on the road.
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