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Guys I am sorry if there is a misunderstanding.
This event will be an annual german car show, show and shine, cruise and possiblly other things taking place. This is not so much a meet in the same range as the types of Sunday night events that happen at Pitstop/Hutches.
The organizers will have vendors such as tire companies, modification suppliers, they are even working on having some German food (no beer garden for obvious reasons).
The location at Confederation will be at the "edgewater Pavillion" right inside the conservation area on the way to the water park.
No cost to attendees, but a small fee for all the Show & Shine competitors. It will be an all day event on Saturday Sept. 22nd.
I posted here, becuase I want to help them make this the best event possible and that means getting some of the BMW guys there to represent.
I hope the word will spread a little, so set the day in your calendar and hope for good weather.
I will continue to update as I get more information from them.
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