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Originally Posted by M3habib View Post
question regarding "placing plastic under the car"... this is the first iv heard of it, cant you have a big old rug underneath, would that prevent the moisture too?

Iv always used a thick piece of rug under each tire, KEEP IN MIND, if the rug gets wet someway somehow, the moisture will damage your tires more then having it sitting on concrete
A rug would be bad. Concrete will always let moisture come up from the ground (unless it is fully sealed - epoxy coating). This is a general practice, and really depends on the water table in your area.

Carpet pieces or large foam for the tires are important to insulate the tires from the cold concrete.

This is the same reason, most seasoned carpet installers don't recommend hardwood or laminate flooring in the basements. Carpet with an good underpad will still breathe.
For hardwood/ laminate in the basement, you need some kind of thermal and moisture break - raised floor, with that plastic dimples on the back.
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