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I never understood what was the point running after those kind of women..... I suppose some guys don't have any respect for themselves or? I mean, I could not handle it from a emotional perspective. It's just too fake. I had a friend that used to bring some materialstic chick like that from Vaughan or somewhere up there. Everytime he would bring her around, I would slap my forehead with my palm. She knew right away what I meant, but she would pretend she does not.. Why not just get a hooker?....

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I have to agree with Terry. A lot of girls I know are gold diggers period, very materialistic and find guys that have "nice cars". Key example, that girl in the black dress @ 2:22 "let's take pictures with that car" (I didn't bother watching after 2:40).

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the list goes on, too many of these PUA's out there.
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