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She's done.

A group of us met at the shop on a gray Sunday afternoon to mark the occasion. Mike buttoned up the last details and we took her on her first drive - almost 100km away in Oakville for Randy's dyno day.

How does it drive? Very hard to describe. Most (or many) of us know what an E46 M3 feels like. A select few have tried the S54 in other factory platforms (Z3, Z4) and felt differences, some subtle others significant. An even smaller handful have piloted swaps, like Mike's E36. But this one? Totally different story. The sheer lunacy of staring at an early 80's era dashboard while wiggling the rear end through 3 gears and 8200rpm of powerband is surreal. And the sound is like no other S54 out there, thanks to the one-off all-TIG stainless steel exhaust incorporating custom fabricated headers, dual 2.25" piping merging to a single 3.5" collector and a straight-through muffler.

Of course, we need far more pics, videos, and commentary on this car. But we're closing up shop to check out the Blue Ridge Parkway tonight, returning on the weekend. We'll do our best to share the final product that we're so proud of once we're back. For now, here's a shot on the dyno as well of a copy of the results. See you guys next week!

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