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So, using this a guidance:

I took the whole steering wheel / cowlings apart, took the enclosures of the levers out and apart and got to the sensor board, where you have the IR sensor and the disc that it uses to read the turns of the steering wheel.

As soon as I look the disc I could see the issue, the disc had some "crystals" on the top part of it (like those ones that forms on very old CDs).

I used rubbing alcohol to clear it out, mounted everything back, reseted the codes and no issues so far !

I thought the issue was the steering sensor and not the abs/speed ones for 2 reasons:

My turning signal would not disarm by itself anymore.

A couple days ago I checked the OBD for errors and I had a steering sensor error, I cleaned the errors and when I checked this morning I had the same error in there.

The car was throwing the following CC-ID errors on the dash before:

24 DBC Dynamic Brake Control Brake Assist Failed
35 DSC Failed
50 Runflat Indicator Failed
354 Start Assist Inactive

+ Plus turning signals not disarming on its own.

(Just in case: To check your CC-ID error code, just hold the BC button when the error is displayed on the dash to see the error code)

So, no need to soldering as the topic above says (but I'm still thankful for the instructions on how to take everything apart) and not need to replace the whole module as the dealers and some local shops says... (saves you 400 bucks at least).

I hope this info helps anyone else with the same issues.
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