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Originally Posted by frankie591 View Post
Get a clean car and as rust-free as you can afford. If it's a 318, then 24v swap! If it's a 325, 24v swap!
The hard part is finding one around here w/minimal rust.I have a buddy who is in the car industry and frequents the auctions so that is one avenue. Debating between a M50B25 or e36 swap.

Originally Posted by MBrown View Post
if you're willing to go through the process of importing a car, definitely look into buying one in the States. There are MANY more available, generally in better condition because they see less winter, and are cheaper in most cases.
I am searching about this alot.. Going this route would save me alot of time and cash with a ride that has not been exposed to salt.Reading on the RIV web site. Just have to find us sites with bimmers for sale. Know of any?

Originally Posted by Clarissa63 View Post
I started my BMW habit with a '97 328i....but it's an auto
Thats a nice start but I dont think I could afford them. I like the projection head light conversion for them. Now thats gangstar.You going to keep it auto or swap?
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