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Great day with 23 cars total getting dyno'd. Here are the pics of them, with SAE results (smoothing 5).

Cars waiting to be tested...

E46 M3 AA Stage-2 (385wHP SAE, 294lbft)

E93 335i stock (255wHP SAE, 277lbft)

E90 335ia JB4, downpipes, exhaust, intercooler, (344wHP SAE, 407lbft)

E36 M3 4-dr (209wHP SAE, 201ftlb)

E93 335i MarkD tune, BMW exhaust (311.1wHP SAE, 343.6lbft)

E90 330i bolt-ons (215.1wHP SAE, 208.2ftlb)

E46 M3 AA Prima (365.8wHP SAE, 256.6ftlb)

Saab 9-3 Turbo (200.1wHP SAE, 248ftlb)
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