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Originally Posted by ///Lucid View Post
I'll help clarify some "regular e36 diffs won't fit the Ti. Only ti's fit a Z3, Mcoupe, e24, e28 or e30 diff. The Z3's and Mcoupes came with Torsen LSD 's while the other's came with clutch style LSD's." BUT apparently things are looking up. My buddy who worked at Otto's took a peak and told me that both of my rear axels broke. I'll toss it on some stands and take a closer look. So (fingers crossed) i'll post it up on stands this weekend and keep you boys posted. I also need a left ctrl arm. I'm thinking buying from partsource. F*ck OEM! Rice till I die!!! - Asia
How could both rear axles break? I don't trust that diagnosis but sorry to hear of the problem
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