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I don't post much, but thought I'd chime in. A lot of my friend's who are girls, normal girls with a career and in their late 20's and attractive, don't really care what you drive as long as it's reasonable and not a POS. Most girls i know are like this, they won't date a guy who has a lambo over a guy who has a c-class just because the first car is an exotic and the second isn't. That said, if you have a rustbox civic, it's embarrassing for them to be seen in it, so they'd probably secretly care a little. Most girls I actually know equate 'flashy sports car' to 'douchebag' and have that pre-conceived notion instead of a positive one. At any rate, that video demonstrates exactly why I'll never buy a Lambo-you buy it for other people to enjoy and not for driving pleasure. That's why they're never tracked, just driven slowly down city streets. I'll take my GT3 RS 4.0 or Mclaren MP4-12C, thanks.
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