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Front Struts

Hey i have a 1990 bmw 520i import from germany and i am replacing the front struts. my car is sadly on jackstand in my driveway :/ the ones that i have takin out are boge 36-676-F and the ones i bought... bilsteins PNE3118BG well arent the correct ones. since i cant simply put 1990 520i into online stores like just cuz they dont use import models, im not sure which car to put in instead so i can purchase the correct front strut inserts... i need help asap since i need my car and well its sittin in my driveway with no struts :/ also shows 31321139409 part# as a regular replacment but also shows 31322227038 part# for replacment for "rough suspension" which i have no clue WTF that means? and a 1990/07 to 1991/09 uses 31322227038 part# as a regular replacement so my question is can i use the strut inserts from a 535 in my 520i?

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