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No BMWCoupe I didnt mean you. To clarify I just meant the guy from Kijiji.

So I have seen this unit as well as owned my Dynavin for about 10 months... I really cant give a comprehensive review on the unit you posted as I have not owned it. My observations from my shortime looking at it, interface needs a major overhaul. Resolution seemed to be a bit off and load speeds were an issue.

Again im not a huge Dynavin fan either. I do like my Dynavin, but it definitely has its flaws. Interface is not as fast as I would like it to be, CD track selection menu looks dated, and the ipod interface looks horrible even though it works. What I do like about is the customized Nav software (Igo Primo) that I was able to load onto the Windows CE shell. Also the unit looks well built and OEM, which is something I always look for in my aftermarket head units.

The truth of the matter is, Pioneer/Alpine/Kenwood all make decks that are superior in many ways to the Dynavin and the other so called "knock offs". They offer modern menu design, app integration, great interface, and audio tuning capabilities. The one thing that irks me about them though is they dont look OEM.

The Dynavin is not worth what it costs, and neither is the unit posted above. But then again I did pay the 700+ for my unit. So I guess its about what pros and cons matter most to each person.

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