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DD/Track car! Work in progress

So I bought this car near the end of "Winter" if you can call what we had a winter.

As some may already know (from posts ive put up already about problems its had) I think I might have purchased a total dud and its been a headache and a real downer at times but i just love the looks i get when I am driving it around and it does drive very nice.

When I bought the car, it ran and drove very straight, and still does.

Things it needed right away was Thermostat, rims (one of the rims that came on it had a hidden crack in it) cause the reps it had on are probably cheap junk, and the front bumper to be supported. Oh and it wouldnt pass the etest because kid i bought it off of did a Auto - Manual Trans swap and probably plugged the O2 sensors in backwards when reassembling it.

If i knew now what i knew then i probably wouldnt have paid 6,900 for the car and probably would have been more patient and purchased a better one for like 10,000 off someone on here.... I learned a lot though for next time.

but the underbody is 100% mint and the only tiny bit of rust on the car is on the passenger does and its barely noticeable.

Things ive come across that need to be fixed/already have been fixed...

E-brake didnt work at all so i just had all the e-brake shoes, rotors and all the hardware for the ebrake replaced. But after i use it 3-5 times it stops holding the car from rolling backwards but holds it from rolling forwards fine, so i had the mechanic look at it he retightened them and it worked for a night now same thing holds forwards doesnt hold backwards.... gonna have him look into it again. maybe you guys would know something?

Needs a new front bumper, it is completely chewed up and is missing all the supports and stuff. I plan on putting the M3 style front/skirt/rear on with in the next couple months.

I plan on repainting the whole car the same color but it has some minor scratches in it and doesnt look like it was done all the professionaly in some spots, also have 2 minor dents pulled

Needed Muffler mounts and a new chrome tip already fixed.

Rear shocks were toast, replaced those with cheap ones from Napa for now. I will be replacing front and rear suspension but would like some input on what i should buy. im looking for something that sits as low as it is now, maybe a bit higher, and is under $2500. Coilovers, or springs dont matter, cause i would probably never bother adjusting the coilovers anyway.

The new rims i got were from an auto wreckers, they are stock OEM so i know they will last and they are in great shape but have curb rash and i will have them refinished and painted white probably within the next month or 2

Needs new window tint and i plan on going 30% front 10% rear

interior needs some minor love.

Need to upgrade to bigger/better brakes, reccomendations? ($2000-3000 budget)

Also next summer i would like to single Turbo/twin turbo or SC the motor and do it up a bit. would love some insight on what you guys would consider is my best option and what is actually possible. would like atleast 450whp+ with a budget of up to $12k

I will post pictures soon of some of the issues i mentioned.
also i will edit/update this as i remember things i forgot to post.

try not to be too harsh on me for my stupidity!
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