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Originally Posted by BimmerBoys View Post
Lol the seller is a jerk off! My buddy went down with a rented trailer and a borrowed truck. Took the day off work to get it. He called the guy every day for 3 days prior to make sure all was good and the seller repeatedly told him that teusday was good. He gets there the guy isn't answering the phone. Nowhere to ber found. My buddy left a dozen mesages and not even a reply... Until today. He said he was to busy, and that saturday is good. The guys a scamer jerk, and I bet there is something very wrong with this car!
That sucks. Hope no one gets ripped off

Originally Posted by DIRT_Racer View Post
I almost fell off my chair to hear 8G's was fair.

My 84 Dirt car only cost 900, and even that was OVERPAID cause the car was SOOO rotted it was a death trap. the CSC cage was worth 450, only reason I did buy it, was if the car couldnt be slavaged for racing, the cage and the 4.44 LSD was close to the purchase price
Wow. Jkz. OT, but I hope you're not still driving the overpriced death trap.

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