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I got mine April of last year. It love the little car and actually call it the mini-supercar. I havent done any modifications, because i dont think it needs any and the 265hp is more than good enough. I think it is probably stiffer than the roadster due to the hard top. Honestly, whether due to the hardtop or whatever, it is loud and sounds like a mini DB9.

I had the same feeling as you that i didnt want to compromise on any of the options i truly wanted. I was lucky to find the perfect car from BMW in California, so had them ship it. I love the look of it and being ultra rare, the attention it gets is amusing.

Where are you at? I am organizing a premium car club called Cars and Cappuccinos. we are doing our first meet in Etobicoke, at the Tim Horton, near Kipling subway station, on Sun, May 6th @ 9 am. I am expecting only 10 -15 cars, but it should be a very nice collection

If you are on facebook, here is the club link:
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