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well this dumb bitch probably spoke the minds of what a ton of people in brampton are thinking...cept for the terrorist part.

Heres my problem with btown.

1. all the damn criminal minds from toronto are all coming to brampton.

2. diversity...?

3. the flippin' left lane is now the right lane.

4. i pay a premium .5 because of all the fraud by an obvious no longer minority.

5. brampton is NOT where they come from...wheres the adoption of canadian culture? USA does it! its called a melting pot which we've all heard of. IF YOU BECOME AMERICA, YOU ARE AMERICA, RIGHT? Well...this is a toss up. The younger generations have done it...maybe im wrong on this one...

6. did i mention i pay a damn premium because of obvious fraud?

7. It definitely is important to know people in this world...but for the wrong reasons like paying off someone to get a drivers license, or passing them because they're similar in nationality's sense!? its happening way to often...I did it legit, and so should everyone else.

8. easy to find a job in around brampton huh? NOPE. cheap labor, brown people being exploited for capitalization's sake? Cmon, look at TD Bank for example..."Mortgages for NEW immigrants!" followed by pictures of brown folk. Its a good thing for sure, but with no doubt there is a major $$$ gain by signing up these people.

9. the quality of driving has plummeted in this city..

10. a lot of brown kids have a "black" mentality. walk and talk like what your stereotyped image of a young black kid.

11. go to the doctor's office in brampton...wait ****in hours to see a doc because of people taking advantage of free health care for a damn cough...its true.

12. so many damn indian girls are ****ing sexy as ****, and i want to bang one...they all stay with their own kind lol...every indian girl i try macking on makes it clear to **** off hahahahaha....maybe its just me O_O. grrrrrrrr....

...but i reluctantly love this city. and dont say if i have a problem, get out.
R.I.P. E30

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