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So after that past meet and seeing everyone boosted and future chips provided by Bear I got a little excited two days ago and decided to burn out as my buddy was behind me. Not considering at the time I had a +200k old diff I went ahead and popped the clutch at 4.5....Clackk braackkkaakck grrackkkakak. Amazed and heartbroken I threw it in neutral revved all good. Put it into 1st and slowly eased off the clutch. A nice grumble (quite liek marbles in a box) by my driveshaft/ujoint/diff sounded. The car would not go so i'm thinking somewhere around that area (specially diff) catched the bus. So i'll have a buddy toss it on some stands so i can take a closer look. I'm almost positive my diff went so the question that stands: Should I be looking for new or used. What are the price ranges if anyone has purchased any in the past. And any general tips that can help me get my slut back on the road ASAP. Love you long time - Darryl

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