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I've had a couple days to try out the new rubber and I'm pumped. It also causes me to be greatly curious as to how much grip would be available with more/softer rubber, but I'm still loving the upgrade. I have no idea how I'll ever stay in (comfort) seat if actually driving as I'm pivoting and bracing off the door etc, but yeah, it's starting to take shape and feel like a bmw.

Ps although she ain't new, still looks 100X better now too!

*edited for clarity* I ended up buying the michelin pilot sport a/s (225/50/16 on stock rims) from a member here. As advertised, they are badly worn from alignment and tire pressure on the one end, but the other pair are in great shape. I just made sure the good ones are in front and so far so good. (I had origionally planned to get new tires for back, but deal fell through so I'll drive it as is until the next deal comes around for the back)

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