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Loving the car! I've only put about 4500 km's since I got it in October, but we were in colder months and I didn't drive it when there was a hint of snow or salt laying on the road. I've been driving it close to daily for the last month or so.

Here's an updated pic with some upgrades

I've done the Roadster Solutions WindJammer windscreen (BIG difference!) and 18" M6 Rep Rims. I have HID's to install (was baffled why it didn't come with them) for headlamps and fogs (3000k yellow for fogs) - which might get done today.

Headed over to Stance Factory today to do an oilchange and get the CDV removed. Might do some other stuff after I talk with them.

I'm not going to do any engine work or anything like that. I just don't want to deal with the potential problems that you get when you do engine upgrades. I'll stick to cosmetic. 265 horse is enough for the 3,000 lbs car. I mean, who wouldn't want more - but it's just not worth the hassle to me!

I really wanted a roadster - my dream was to have a true summer car (didn't have a specific one in mind, just true roadster). I had some chances to get cars that weren't exactly what I wanted, but stopped. If it didn't meet all the things I wanted from fulfilling this desire, there was no point in spending the money as I wouldn't be 100% happy with it.

VERY glad to say I held out. I got a great deal on the car, which will hopefully let me get this out of my system after 2-3 years and selling it with minimal loss.

How are you enjoying yours? When did you get it? And welcome to the board!


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