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Well my quest for a well running stroker continues. Still getting rough idle and chugging/hesitation/bucking in the low rpms, but once it hits 3000 it opens right up and pulls well. I have put in new plugs and O2 sensor.
I have an AFR gauge in my car, and after I put the new O2 sensor in, when the car is cranking over, the gauge lights up (between lean and stoich) but when it is idling the gauge is dead, not a single light. I have the sensor reading signal from the gray wire, which according to the bentley manual is the signal wire. (Gray signal, black ground, 2 white for heater).
Anyone have any idea what could be causing this? Its almost as if the O2 sensor isn't sending a signal to the DME. And the only code I am getting is still the 1281.
Another thought is that I don't have the timing perfect...

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