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come check out a Trillum ADS on Saturday April 28th

Its always fun to hang out at the track during a Trillium BMW Club ADS (Advance Driving School), lots of action always going on, tires screaming, engines roaring, its and adrenaline producing atmosphere filled with grins of drivers, both students and instructors getting out of everything from daily driver, to modded cars, to full blown caged gutted track monsters.

So here is your chance to check it out and see first hand why so many people do the schools, consider this your invitation to spend the day checking every aspect of what an Advance Driving School with Trillium BMW Club is all about.

Here is what the day will include....

- get to Mosport between 8 and 10am, sign in and find me, I'll have a schedule of whats happening when for you, and be there to answer any questions you have

- sit in on an inclass session or two

- try out the skid pad exercise with your car

- instructors will take you for a ride around the track - your a passenger in their car getting a ride ( we have some helmets you can use or bring your own)

- track walk at the end of the day hosted by Derrick Hansen

- parade laps with your car around the track while school is breaking for lunch, these are not hot laps, these are speed limited paced laps around a breath taking beautiful track.

-Join us for the catered diner ($20 includes 2 wobbly pops) if you'd like at the end of the day.

anyone interested in or is coming out please email me to confirm at

Hope to see everyone out, so gather your friends and invite everyone for an exciting day!

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