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Originally Posted by Woofer View Post
Bigger rims? They are 16 x 9.5!!! Keep in mind the rims look to be dirty and they are a dark color, making them appear to look smaller. I think once they are all cleaned up they will fit the part. IMO BIG rims don't suit E30s very well. 16-17 inch max. I won't lie, I have seen a few e30s pull off the DUB look, however I have also seen a lot of e30s look like hot wheel cars that come out of children's cereal boxes lol. To each their own.

Good luck OP. I once wanted to do what you are doing. That car will be a blast to drive.

Thanks. I think 16's suit e30 perfectly...the pictures dont do them justice, but once my coilovers are installed and the wheels are bolted in place, they should look a lot better. The wheels are also now flat black with polished hardware/ centercaps
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