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Originally Posted by everlast View Post
As if you guys need to go lower. I actually HAVE a 4x4.. what's that saying lol?

(My 4x4 is going lower, perhaps next weekend!)
How low? What set up are you going to run? Give me a shout if you need an extra set of hands!

Originally Posted by HavocSteve View Post
Yea, it's like a tank!

Seriously discussing the 6er with the gf now. I'm in <3 with it!
Do it!!

Originally Posted by The Twin View Post
nice to meet you guys! and big thanks to Jason for allowing us to use his garage/tools to get these efforts done

and agreed, we should definately organize another BBQ/shoot the shit event

Ryan, realized last night I didn't toss you any coin for the rental of the roller. Sorry about that, I'll get you next time we meet
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