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I'll chime in, since I have their VMR V710 reps. Most of their rims are flavored for people who like chrome, massive size, and generally want flash for their cash.. without caring about the actual product going on their car.

That said, my 18" rims are only 2lbs heavier than my previous 16's, and since they had no more of the cheap branded tire when I walked in, they upgraded me to Yokohamas for free. The rims themselves seem to be holding up fine (Bought in early 2011) but I don't winter drive my car, and they did require a few weights to balance right off the bat.

A few notes, they have no idea how to properly torque your wheels. Your E46 needs 87ft/lbs, etch that deep inside your mind. Also, don't expect brand name, I was somewhat lucky and received USA made "MSR alloys".

If I could do things again, I would probably get a light set of 17's, or oem ZHP wheels. No regrets however, they still look great and haven't given me any problems. My advice is if you're going to get replica wheels, it doesn't really matter with a ~$1000 budget.
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