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survey 'reveals' which cars are most commonly driven by cheaters - lolwut


Cheaters drive black Hondas, Toyotas
Extramarital affair site polls users on cars

A new survey finds that married men who cheat on their wives are more likely to drive Toyotas; cheating married women, Hondas.

Dating website, which specializes in connecting already married men and women with another partner for an extramarital affair, recently polled 3,600 of its users on the car they drive.

It picked up on several trends, reports AutoGuide: for example, that 20.9 percent of men surveyed drove Toyotas, and 22.3 of women drove Hondas.

Close to a third (29.3 percent) of cheaters polled drove black cars.

Only two luxury makes broke into the top ten, both topping out at fifth place: 6.4 percent of cheating men drove BMWs, and 6.6 percent of cheating women Mercedes-Benzes.

Noel Biderman, Ashley Madison's CEO, says this points to just how normal the people having affairs are.

Other top makes included Ford and Chevrolet. Dodge and Nissan also showed up in the top 10 for both men and women.

(via AutoGuide, USA Today)
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