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I'm not going to argue with you anymore after this but the reasoning behind your arguments is really dumb, thats the bottom line.

The car hasn't sold in the winter for a solid reason (no one wants to buy a car and just store it) when they can wait for spring..and it didnt sell last year because i posted it end of summer, bottom line.. Theres tons of interest right now and i'm waiting for 2 offers, whoever is first.

No one has said that they wont buy it because its not certified, thats a joke buddy.. I'm more than willing to take the car to the mechanic and show them that its in really good condition.

Well your experience about "people not wanting to safety a car because it wont pass" is also pretty vague experience, as again, if you are interested in the car simply say " i want to see it for MY EYES, at the mecahnic that everything is well off"
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