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Originally Posted by bmwm5lover View Post
If I was selling a car, I wouldn't certify right off the bat(and have it sit until it possibly expires), but only do it once a deposit and an agreement of some kind is made with the purchaser. I will definitely have a pre cert inspection done which I can show to potential buyers to show the state of the vehicle.
Im not saying it has to be done right off the bat especially if you are asking top dollar and expect a long process to get rid of it. I think waiting to safety is perfectly fine.
Youre still providing it for the new buyer at the end of the day. That to me means you stand behind your car/sale. Even if the safety standards are wide open.
In my experience people wont safety a car period because they know it wont pass.

Its the seller selling the car. Youre supposed to put in the time and effort to sell.Not command top dollar to off load something that needs work and cause issues for the new buyer.

again theres a reason that car hasnt sold and it looks like this is one big reason. results speak volumes. safety/cert/etest and that car wouldve been gone before winter.
Its the norm to provide a safety for a quality/top dollar car. But I guess you can keep giving excuses and hold onto the car some more.
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