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Originally Posted by AlpWhitE46 View Post
Sorry but what you say does not really make sense... you say the seller should safety the car...

And you say the guidelines are silly for safety and open... So then why the hell do you find it so important to have safety as a buyer...

If i know a mechanic i could go and have him certify any car for me... and then be like hey heres a car its safetied..

Personally if im getting a car id rather go to the mechanic myself (as a buyer) and have him inspect it then safety it.
makes perfect sense. Sorry you dont understand...

and ya plenty of people get bogus safety's not saying you should just trust a safety either. Obviously you need to check the car out thoroughly yourself or have a trust shop/mechanic do it.

The safety is still a step the seller should take care. you can dance around it all you like but no amt of excuses make up for a lazy and cheap seller

A seller not interested in getting a safety done says something to me.... usually thats "stay away from that car" Unless im looking at cheaper cars which I know there will be things needed to fix .

Bottom line is a safety is needed regardless. And imho its up to the seller to handle it. 9.9 times out of 10 they wont safety because something is wrong.
if im dropping 10k on a car (for example) it better come safety'd. Even if it needs work later (which it will)at least that silly step has been crossed off the list and Im not delayed in having a car that is driveable.

If you buy a car that has a leaky shock(for example)...that wont pass safety. so you cant drive the car(until you fix it and get it safety'd again which is a hassle with temp plates and/or towing). that doesnt mean the car actually isnt driveable ...but life happens and you might need a few weeks to get around to fixiing it... If you bought it without a safety you are screwed. If it came with a safety you can still drive it and fix it later. (just a quick example)

this is not hard to understand.

and people arguing against providing a safety speaks a lot about you imho.
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