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Originally Posted by supernaught View Post
I'm loving this thread man, the progress is great.

I wanted to ask if you had planned on honing the block or not, and reusing the rings? I did a quick search through the thread and didn't see anything about these things.

I'm working on my stroker and can't decide to go for new rings, or oversize with custom pistons and rings. I guess it will depend on how the bores measure out. I don't want the extra expense of pistons if the cylinders aren't egged.
I know, the cost of a set of oversized pistons increases the cost of the project substantially... at that point you might as well get a set of custom pistons for a couple hundred bucks more.

I'd say you should use new rings at a bare minimum. Depending on how the bores and the cross hatch look I've heard of some people getting away with just putting in new rings. I asked the machine shop to deglaze my bores. They pretty much just quickly run through one of those spring loaded 3 stone tools or a flex hone brush to remove any light scuffing and freshen up the cross hatch.

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