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Originally Posted by Axxe View Post
I had rubbing in the back with 215/35 on 18x9 et22 with unrolled fenders at stock height. 215/45 on 17x9 et26 is a bit taller but a bit further in, you might be able to get away with only a small roll (roll lip flat). I have my quarters rolled really aggressively now and no rubbing issues. Coilovers going on next week, and then we'll see how low I can go without rubbing.
sry to be a newb but what does "et26" refer to? im trying to correct the stance of my cabrio as it is right now 215/35/18 all around and i have lowering springs. the rear is tucked so you cant see the tire, also the camber is adjusted so the bottom of the wheel sticks out a bit.. what i was going to do was have a pair of stock rear springs cut a to raise the back end of the car and put 235/40 on the back.. this is my attempt to have a wider stance, will it fit?
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