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Gas mileage!!! WTF HELLPPP

Hey guys,

So let me start by giving a brief description of my issue.

My mileage is getting kinda high now, in the upper end of the 100k's and I have been getting horrible gas mileage for a while now. I have been avging about 13L/100km in my 04 320i, I dont know if the car thinks its an m3 or something, but that mileage aint right! I used to avg around 8/9 but now its getting ridiculous.

So now trying to figure out whats wrong, I've begun replacing things in order of ease and price.

I've changed:
Fuel Filter
Spark Plugs

What else is left?!

My engine is not burning a drop of oil, so im assuming its not blown. The car throws absolutely no codes related to the fuel mix (only throws code for 2 post cat o2 sensors which have been deleted for ebay headers, but i have now switched back to OEM Headers.)

Am I missing something?????

I've searched around to see if anyone has had similar issues, the only thing left on the list is Vanos really, I have not serviced it as of yet. Does Vanos affect fuel mileage that much? I'm guessing my Vanos has gone bad, seeing other threads saying after 70k Vanos is undoubtedly in need of service.

What is the site for those aftermarket vanos service kits that are supposed to be better than oem?

Thanks guys
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