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Originally Posted by SiR View Post
e46 racks bolt right in.
even z4 fits(just).

even your stock lines bolt right up .

oem homologation ftw

and the rack ratio means a heck of a lot more than the turns to lock. you want to concentrate on the ratio if you are looking to change things up.
example above the later model 330 rack have a 13:1 ratio. (which is actually faster than the e46 m3 rack which is around 14.5:1 iirc)

You can find good shape used e46 racks at a few of the bmw parts guys around these parts.
thnx for the info.. i am actually shopping around for them.. i called a few places but have not been able to get a proper response.. if anyone has a steering rack from an e46 late model 330 or m3 or even e36 pls let me knw.
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