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Originally Posted by DItalianJob View Post
didn't know you had it out all last year...

good for you... how does it handle at its limits? forgiving? neutral? does it oversteer/understeer controllably? or is it a handful when it starts sliding around? have you driven it in the rain yet?

what does it weigh?
estimate power?

No worries! The car under steers a little in turn 3 and 8. Can't point the car in enough mid corner. So I'm tossing a bigger front bar in which should improve the handling. Super easy to drive at the moment though! I still need to figure out the shocks. I've had adjustable shocks for years but never really made a point of playing with them at the track. I haven't driven it in the rain yet but would love to. Preferably at a smaller track at first.

As for weight I'm not sure yet. No more than 2600 lb though. I'll find out when I get the car corner balanced.

I'm going to get the car to the dyno in two weeks to see about power. Im guessing it's slightly over 260hp. Hopefully it surprises me!

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