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Originally Posted by 335is View Post
That's the older 7424. The new XP has bit more juice.

5.5" concentrates the power a little better plus on contours it won't cause the pad to stop as easily. I think the majority of people use 5.5" pads.
The XP might have some more juice, but you can't beat the price on the one I found

I hate decisions like this. Gets me second guessing my choices for no good reason.

I was all set to go with a 6.5", then doogee suggested a 5.5" and I was thinking about that. I called eshine to see what they suggested and they said "we sell a lot more of the 6.5" pads if it means anything to you" so I was back on track with my 6.5" this again

I already have a 4.5" and 6.5" backing pads, so I was thinking of getting some buffing pads in those sizes.
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