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Originally Posted by SamE30e View Post
Aren't you Mr.E36? Listen, It's nothing personal. I'm just pointing out that you chime in on every E30 FS thread stating every car is worth less than what is asked. This car isn't worth $1000, and most certainly not $4000. It's closer to the middle of the two.

You think I'm a parts counter worker? You're sadly mistaken..
Hey last I saw you, you had gotten a job at a BMW dealer in the parts dept, if you've moved up congrats

As for what I pay for cars, out of the 4 e30's I bought in that last 2 month I payed asking on 3 of them

The other had frame rot and I got it for what I offered.

I really think your very much confused cause I don't say things in peoples sale threads, now other here you can say that about

And this is a "feeler" thread right
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