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Originally Posted by Seyar View Post
So are you trying to hint that I buy those parts from you so you can make a living? Not trying to be rude or anything but you don't see me writing in your threads that your selling your cheap air intakes and claiming bogus hp gain#, but then again some of us are more mature and don't take things personal over the internet. And also as others mentioned, if you want to stay in business then I would recommend acting more professional and changing your attitude and stop low balling people!

So in this feeler thread I sat what the car is worth and what needs to be done to get it even close to the price you think it's worth and your gonna turn that into me trying to sell you something?

You don't get that I don't "make a living" off it. It's a side hobby business I do to keep busy, I pick and choose who and what i sell or keep

And what outrageous hp claims did I make, talk about talking trash.

My business has NOTHING to do with this thread or what the car is worth

Cheers good luck with sale
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