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Originally Posted by richie_s999 View Post
Did i say anything about it just being good for parts?

Aren't you Mr Subaru now, and what the hell do you care or what right do you think you have to decide what people do with things when they do buy them.

if I part a car out it keeps at least 5 to 10 others running and on the road. Eventually I will find a very solid coupe shell and I have every part waiting for a complete rebuild restore, and have spare parts because yes I do intend on starting to enter chump car races.

If you have a problem with something I have done your on my FB, you have my email, my cell number ect, and you've nothing but decide to preach to me here?

Uh so tired of this pity a$$ crap from a couple of nobodies and their little attempts on looking like the guru's of BMW land, who when it comes down to it really only help and do it to float their ego's that their knowledge is grander then someone else's. OK Sam is a BMW parts counter worker, and Ernie used to be one and have "dealer" hook ups. OOOOHHHHH Well at least Ceeker still has an E30.
Aren't you Mr.E36? Listen, It's nothing personal. I'm just pointing out that you chime in on every E30 FS thread stating every car is worth less than what is asked. This car isn't worth $1000, and most certainly not $4000. It's closer to the middle of the two.

You think I'm a parts counter worker? You're sadly mistaken..
85 325 - Turbo M52B28.
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