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The budget is set near 20,000 to 25,000$ at the top. Its actually a team build and the costs will be shared witrh 2 others. The time frame is realistic, 5 year for completion but perhaps on the track in some form by next spring.

As for use... That is split as well. I only do hero days since all I want is ti go fast have fun and not die. The other guys do a lot of competition racing and travel extensively. They currently run an e30 m3 which I'm sorry to say has been guttend and ass-raped. They do events once a week at least, even down south in the winter. I have no intention of driving in any of those types of events but I'll be there holding the water bottles

For me... I just want to build. I'm not overly concerned with track time rather that I can recreate something unique.
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