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I didn't jump on you. I have never met ernie before and simply stated that he has been helpful to me in the past... Unlike many other max members. Its quite rare to see me "spout off", but I have no problem doing it in person. I said nothing about your offer or estimate given to the OP, but I'm flattered that you included me among your list of BMW gurus like Sam and Ernie! My only issue is that if someone happens to point out a mistake or has a differing opinion you snap! You tend to lack the ability to express youself without anger. You see things as personal when they tend to be obtuse or vague observations. No matter what, negative actions and words will reflect negatively on you and your business.

Don't get upset if the op asks for 4000$ and others think 1000$ is a low ball, supply and demand sets the price, not us

Happy Easter!

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