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Originally Posted by SamE30e View Post
I don't see you as a threat, I don't hate myself, and I don't want to be you...

I'm just simply pointing out that not every stock E30 that comes up on Max is worth $1000... Or is meant for parts.

I don't understand how Ernie and I's career's have anything to do with it. Actually, if anything it would help. Obviously people try to get things for less, but he seller should know what it's worth before they get ripped off.
Did i say anything about it just being good for parts?

Aren't you Mr Subaru now, and what the hell do you care or what right do you think you have to decide what people do with things when they do buy them.

if I part a car out it keeps at least 5 to 10 others running and on the road. Eventually I will find a very solid coupe shell and I have every part waiting for a complete rebuild restore, and have spare parts because yes I do intend on starting to enter chump car races.

If you have a problem with something I have done your on my FB, you have my email, my cell number ect, and you've nothing but decide to preach to me here?

Uh so tired of this pity a$$ crap from a couple of nobodies and their little attempts on looking like the guru's of BMW land, who when it comes down to it really only help and do it to float their ego's that their knowledge is grander then someone else's. OK Sam is a BMW parts counter worker, and Ernie used to be one and have "dealer" hook ups. OOOOHHHHH Well at least Ceeker still has an E30.

Listen Sam, Ernie, and Vrbovsky (who I assume with reason is "buddies" with Ernie from him spend lots of time in London), all three of you jump at me for an opinion, then try and preach and advise? I love watching people mouth off here cause I know they would never spout off like that in person.

OP if you've decided on a price, then maybe start an actual for sale thread.

you want around $4000, well....

- get the fender that has paint chipping off it fixed
- get the proper seats in the car
- get the proper lip on it
- get the proper rims or something more then bottle caps on it
- have it pre safetied before sale
- wax and clean the car
- make sure it has a LSD
- not a single thing leaking on it
- carfax to verify the mileage and other things
- be ready to have the floors checked and every other spot they are know to rust

- know that its a 318 so everybody is going to snub you and pay you less cause they are gonna have to swap that motor out.

- be prepared for the guy that are flaming me to offer you less then what I think the cars worth, they are great why you can help them or they are helping you cause somehow they are getting something outa it, be it ego or finacial, but then again, when on max.... well its just max drama.
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