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Originally Posted by man1 View Post
ya, you're right, scary newbies always expected, especially at the mosport big track with others event.

been to touge events for a few times in the past few yrs, quite proper managed, touge team people do kick silly ppl off the track, and they do go through drivers' meeting, I personally recommend the guys Herman and John who did lots of instructions to the newbies. Got huge loads of shots from Kevin, my wife and kids love them.

And always talk to the drivers at their touge events, quite educated people.

been to kplaygrd two times, whole bunch of young honda kids.. way more scary, remembered one time almost got hit by an integra there. no drivers meeting, not keeping everyone in the same page.

will probably do the mosport big track with 6thgear or apex again this season.
Keep in mind BMW Trillium Club offers excellent schools AND Advanced Solo Lapping events on Fridays and on the weekends during schools. This is a new format now. Tons of seat time, high quality events and great prices (tax deductible!). See the sticky post above under BMW Club of Canada section for details. If you qualify there isn't a better opportunity for Mosport Grand Prix track!
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