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Originally Posted by gotcurry View Post
only if this had a black interior ...
believe me, i almost splurged multiple times, i looked around for all the pieces and day dreamt about swapping in a black headliner, black lux door cards, maybe black vaders, but to be honest i really wanted cloth sport seats, ( never had them always wanted them ) anyways i totally agree i prefer the black aswell,

Originally Posted by Boss17 View Post
Hey, it seems my old car is up for sale! Looking at the pictures just reminded me of all the money I put into it. The suspension and work alone is more than what the car is being sold for! This car is prepped and ready for an M swap.

As for that rust bubble, the seller is being very generous in describing it as loonie sized. It's more the size of a quarter and has been that size for the past 5 years.

All in all, the car is a real beauty and worth a look (hell, im contemplating buying it lol).

Best of luck with sale!
thank you for the kind words, i was contemplating fixing that rust bubble before selling it but its so insignificant , it just kicks me in the nuts every time i walked up to the car, lol, ps cool to know the PO is on max, did u do the m bumpers and stuff as well?
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