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E21 unbuild-rebuild

So I've decided to start a build thread about the upcoming e21 track car build.

I've been bouncing the idea around for a while and I finally decided on the e21 for a number of reasons...

1) I already had available to me a very well built 2.7 M20 Stroker motor out of a donor e30. Turbo in the works! As my research has shown putting it in the e21 will require minimal effort… and I like minimal effort.. I’m good at that

2) The initial cost is the lowest out of any 3 series. Aside from a few junked e36’s the e21 can be had in considerably good condition for well under 2000$ and if I’m lucky for under a grand!

3) I like it! The group 5 kicks ass! Which is what I would eventually like to replicate. My father-in-law is a custom metal fabricator in Europe and I plan on getting him a flight over here at exactly the same time I plan on doing body work
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