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LOL Careless, you're right too many crazies on here... we're starting to look like R3V

FYI Richie, I dont feel that you are a threat, I don't hate myself, nor would I like to be you, in fact I don't know you or hate you. All I see is that you are a little rough in your dealings with people. Not everyone wants to attack you, least of all me. But why bring up things like Ernie and Sam's "career" paths? That is a little too personal and a little too out in left field.
Have you considered perhaps that they enjoy or possibly love what they do? That counts for more then money to some. My Family is full or firefighters and police officers (yes family dinners are interesting) I could have easily followed in their footsteps, but chose what I loved, despite the fact that it may be years before I establish the credentials I need for tenureship
I think personal matters are best solved here personally, through PM rather than bickering on and on in a public forum. Its not good for the business and its not good for the board.... that goes for us all

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