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Originally Posted by Vrbovsky View Post
Ernie and Sam have always been nice to me, always supportive and never condisending.
I would think that a max sponson and someone who makes a living off of this forum would be more careful of how they react, comment and are perceived. I would choose my words and my comments much more carefully if you intend to build any sort of name in business. Remember its people like the OP, ernie, sam and I who are your customers and we judge by perception and recomendation.
you should really have your facts strait about me because nothing you said is true.

I really am not worried that Sam and Ernie won't buy anything from me, I have known both of them for many years, they are very alike, right down to the career paths, funny actually.

Maxbimmer is like 1 or 2% of the BMW world in southern Ontario, and the cheapest group of buyers and when they sell they want the most. Most of the time they don't know what they have and if you tell them its not worth what they think they don't ask why, putting a price out at least tells buyers you think you know what you have or you have a clue as to what your selling.

No one asked why I thought it was a $1000 car, just jumped at by a couple of my biggest fans lol.

People want to play a game with selling that's fine, myself I lay down the price, and its always a fair price and that's it. None of this dreamer pricing and start high end low.

Best part is if any of the guys talking sh;t about me in this thread would come see this car you'd feel raped after they tear it apart to pay peanuts for it.

So in closing here is something for my fans, and hope everyone enjoys their long weekend!
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