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strange when i bought my car they didn't charge me anything went through the whole car. It's sad but Don the owner has his good and bad days and that may be effecting his business the techs are amazing there just the owner is a whacked sometimes other than that Rmp is not that far same with stance factory

I also called Auto Trend for mechanical work, but the man was not friendly at all and sounded more like a scammer than a mechanic! I asked him how much inspection costs, and he asked what car I was bringing in. I told him an e39 and he said, "$900-$1000!" When I explained to him it is only a check-up he said $113 because the checkup will take him an hour and he charges $113/hr. (RMP Motors charge only $80 and it takes them only 30 minutes!) He said for $900-$1000 he will change every filters, etc; buy how can he say that when he hasn't seen the filters yet? The strange thing is that the auto trend website is offering a spring special for $205, while he wanted to charge me $1000 for "changing everything!" So unprofessional. Not going to see them, and don't recommend them.

I am still looking for a mechanic along side RMP Motors. Not that RMP Motors is not good, it's just that I am seeking a second opinion before I go ahead with the maintenance.[/QUOTE]
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