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Originally Posted by SamE30e View Post
The car is worth that in cheap ass E30 enthusiest land...

Stop trying to jew everyone that comes on here with an E30 so you can part it and sell it as super euro rare racing parts, OK thanks

Realistically, certified and e-tested. If it has a solid body and needs minor work. 2-3k. The sport seats would have added $500, and people give away 14" basketweaves...errrr I mean super rare iS wheels for free. Every iS is missing it's lip spoiler.
I'm not trying to what every racial slur you used. Thats what i think its worth and would pay for it.

since when have you been the defender of 318's value, you hate them lol

and you don't even have one, and when and where I part things out to keep everyone else's car running really isn't yours or anyone's business

just got my euro e30 dropped off today, will be inspecting its condition sometime next week and deciding what to do with it.

sorry to get off topic, I still think the car is worth a grand. but the seller and next owner will decide.

funny cause Both you and Ernie want everything cheap as hell when you buy but want higher then top dollar when your selling something

either of you got the cash to actually buy this car, didn't think so, if so make an offer lol
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